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When we spotted Promise on “Coates Gypsy Horses’” website, we knew we wanted her, but had just finished buying 6 horses.  We thought that was probably enough.  Unfortunately we could not stop going back and looking at her and her mom (Willow).  By then, Amy Coates  had sent us a lot more  pictures.  After a little more back and forth, we made it 2 more.  She is delightful.  She foaled a filly Piper in July of 2011, sired by Darren.  She foaled “Primo” a beautiful bay colt, sired by Bandon in May 2013.  She foaled another gorgeous heavy colt, "Grayson", sired by Jameson, late May 2014.

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GYPSY HORSE Name  “Promise”

Age or Dob:  7/2007

Color:  Black and White

Height: 14.2 H

Disposition: Extremely Gentle

Origin:  England

Sire: Son of the Ace Horsen

Dam: MGRVV Willow

(See last 2 pics)

Brenham, Texas